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Jiangsu Hua Yang nylon Co., Ltd. is a new high tech enterprise which is based on the production, sales and service of polymer new materials, engineering plastics, nylon plastic parts and polyester yarn. Huayang nylon in the local has many large-scale production base, with 2 million tons of nylon 66 polymerization production capacity, nylon cable with annual output of more than 18 million, with domestic advanced set polyester spinning, spinning, twisting for various water production line.



Huayang nylon using its own unique production process and technology, research and development and the production of nylon 66 slices, nylon reinforced toughening slice, nylon, polyester enameled wire, polyester sewing thread sewing, five series of independent intellectual property products, widely used in household electric appliance, auto, high iron, clothing, industrial packaging industry.

famous enterprises at home and abroad to establish a long-term technical cooperation relationship. Huayang nylon always adhere to the "pragmatic and resourcefully, make the best use of everything, give full scope to the talents" business philosophy, based on customer needs continuous innovation, for customers to provide tailor-made and cost leading quality products and solutions, so as to enhance the product competitiveness and customer profitability and help customers succeed.